Trouble shooting, Network adapter cards, Configuration – NetComm NP2160 User Manual

Page 12: Network adapter cards configuration

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Rev.1 - YML623

Page 12

16-port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ProSwitch





Power LED is off.

Power not received at Switch Check the power cord connections for

the switch and the connected device.
Check for a defective adapter card,
cable, or port by testing them in an
alternate environment where all products
are functioning.
Make sure all cables used are correct
and comply with Ethernet specifications.

Link LED is off or

Port connection is not

Check the crimp on the RJ-45 connectors



and make sure that the plug is properly
inserted and locked into the port at both
the switch and the connecting device.
Make sure all cables used are correct
and comply with Ethernet specifications.

A segment or device

One or more devices are

Verify that the cabling is correct (refer to

is not recognized

not properly connected or

Cabling Guidelines”). Be sure all

as part of the

cabling does not meet

cable connectors are securely


Ethernet guidelines.

positioned in the required ports. Straight-
through cables should be
used for all standard twisted pair
Make sure all devices are connected to
the network. Equipment may have been
accidentally disconnected.

Network Adapter Cards

Make sure the network adapter cards installed in the PCs are in working condition and the
software driver has been installed.


If problems occur after altering the network configuration, restore the original connections and
determine the problem by implementing the new changes, one procedure at a time. Make sure
that cable distances, repeater limits, and other physical aspects of the installation do not exceed
the Ethernet limitations.