Identifying external components – NetComm NP2160 User Manual

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Rev.1 - YML623

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16-port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ProSwitch


This section identifies all the major external components of the switch.

Front Panel

The figure below shows the front panels of the 16-port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ProSwitch.

LED Indicator Panel

Refer to the detailed information about each of the switch's LED indicators.

Power (PWR)
This indicator lights green when the switch is receiving power, otherwise, it is off.

Link / Activity ( green )
This indicator light green when the port is connected to a Fast Ethernet or Ethernet station,
if the indicator blinking green will be transmission or received data .

100Mbps ( green )
This LED indicator light green when the port is connected to a 100Mbps Fast Ethernet
station. Otherwise, the LED is off when the port is connected to 10Mbps Ethernet station.

Twisted-Pair Ports

These ports supports automatic MDI/MDIX crossover detection function which gives true
'plug and play' capability without the need of confusing crossover cables or crossover ports.

With the Auto-MDI function, you just need to plug-in a network cable to the switch and the
other end of the cable into a NIC (Network Interface Card) or another switch or hub.

Rear Panel

The rear panel of the ProSwitch has an AC Power Connector socket.