Presentation mode, Installation menu – NetComm 5303 User Manual

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Presentation Mode

The Presentation Mode feature allows the microphone to lock
onto a specific area of a room and minimizes any extraneous
noise coming from other areas. This feature is particularly use-
ful for audio presentations to conference callers when other
people are in the room with the presenter.

If a person other than the presenter wishes to address the con-
ference callers, Presentation Mode must be turned off. The pre-
senter must remain in the focus area in order to be heard.
To Turn Presentation Mode On:

Begin speaking.


When the Direction Light Indicator (green light) appears on
the Speaker Unit in your direction, press the Presentation
button. The 5303 Conference Phone will pick up sound
coming from your direction, at the point where you turned
Presentation Mode on. The associated light on the Direction
Light Indicator Ring flashes to indicate that the unit is
receiving your voice.

To Turn Presentation Mode Off:

Press the Presentation button to allow other speakers to be
heard during the teleconference. The associated Direction
Light Indicator stops flashing.

Installation Menu

The Installation Menu provides the following functionality:

Displays the current software versions of the 5305 Confer-
ence Phone.

Allows all programmable parameters to be set to default.

Allows you to change the duration of the hook flash single
when the Flash softkey is pressed during a call. The 5303
Conference Phone is pre-programmed with a default flash
time of 300 milliseconds. Contact your IS department or
local telephone company for the recommended hook flash

Allows the automatic hook flash to be enabled (default) or
disabled through the Conf softkey. If the automatic hook
flash is enabled, an F character appears as the first entry
when programming the conference key string in the