Installation, Parts included, For best performance – NetComm 5303 User Manual

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Parts Included

The 5303 Conference Phone comprises the parts shown below.
If any parts are missing, contact your authorized
Mitel Networks dealer.

Figure 1: Parts of the 5303 Conference Phone

For best performance

It is recommended that the Mitel Networks 5303 Conference
Phone be used in a 15’x25’ maximum size room. Be sure to
install the unit on a flat surface away from obstacles, including
windows and walls. The 5303 Conference Phone works best in a
quiet environment (background noise should be less than
48 dBA; for example, no more than a typical workplace noise
such as a ventilator or overhead projector fan).

To Install the 5303 Conference Phone:


Connect the long phone cord to the jack labeled with the
speaker unit icon

on the 48 V DC Power Adapter.