Softkeys – NetComm 5303 User Manual

Page 8

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Mute Button: Mutes the microphone so your callers cannot

hear you. The Direction Light Indicator Ring on the Speaker

Unit turns orange when Mute is on. Mute is automatically

turned off when a call is ended.


Levels Control Button: Adjusts the display screen con-

trast when no call is active, speaker volume when you are

on a call, and ringer volume when the phone is ringing.


On/Off Button: Lets you turn the phone on to answer an

incoming call or make an outgoing call, and turn the phone

off at the end of the call.


Call Indicator Lamp: Flashes when you have an incoming

call and stays on when the phone is in use.


Presentation Mode Button: Allows the microphone to

lock onto the voice of only one person in that sector of the

room. Useful for presentations or when one person is

addressing a group of callers.


Softkeys: Lets you navigate and use the features accessi-

ble via the display screen. Refer to the Softkeys section for

more information.


Keypad: Lets you dial numbers or enter names and num-

bers in Speedcalls. When entering names, use the ‘1’ key

for spaces and the ‘#’ key for special characters (?, /, -). To

enter a half-second dialing pause in a speedcall, use the ‘*’



Softkeys allow you to access a variety of features using the LCD

SpdCall – Lets you select from up to 9 programmable
SpeedCall telephone numbers. You can scroll through the list,
or press a number from 1 to 9 to jump directly to the
associated SpeedCall. To program a Speed Call, select the Menu
softkey and follow the prompts.

Redial – Lets you redial the last dialed telephone number.

Flash – Lets you put the second party on Hold (you will then
hear dial tone), and allows you to call the third party. Once
you’ve contacted the third party, press Flash again to begin the
all-party conference. Contact your IS department or local
telephone company for more information.