Nova Kool CHAPTER 10 User Manual

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American Tug 34 Owner Experiences

Chapter 10 Galley

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As previously noted, later AT34s have factory-installed vent slots above the fridge (i.e.
behind the microwave). They also have a grill in the middle of the countertop surface
above the microwave.

You will need to remove the microwave to see if you have this venting. The microwave
is easy to remove, lift the front edge and pull it out.

The Microwave is heavy (25lbs ++). A second person is needed to unplug it from the
outlet once you’ve pulled it out. To reinstall the microwave, reverse the procedure: the
front feet fit into ‘sockets’ in the woodwork to hold it in place.

We did not have this venting, so we
started searching around for a solution.

We came across a vent with a collection
box arrangement in West Marine. The
collection box has two 3 inch holes to
which we attached some air vent hose
and ran them down to two 3 inch holes
cut into the bottom of the microwave

This has the added advantage of
allowing the hot air from the fridge to
vent past the microwave and directly out

into the cabin, behind the starboard pilot house seat. We like having the vent hole on the
side rather than on top of the microwave cabinet, as we could imagine the problem of
small things falling through the vent if it is on top of the cabinet.