Nova Kool CHAPTER 10 User Manual

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American Tug 34 Owner Experiences

Chapter 10 Galley

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solenoid and the stove. This is much more difficult to track down – as the lines
run behind the countertop on the starboard side of the boat. Check the fittings
first, as they are usually the source of propane leaks.

Safety Red Rag

We always keep the valve closed on our propane tank unless we are using the stove. As a
reminder that the valve is open, we keep a red rag draped over the top of the tank. When
we open the valve, we take the rag and place it in a prominent position in the galley. If
we look and see the rag in the galley, it’s a visual reminder that the valve is open.

Propane – cleaning orifices

The only problem we’ve had so far was with the oven. I noticed one day when I was
trying to bake something that it was not coming up to temperature.

When I called the folks at Force 10, they suggested that I needed to clean the oven
orifice. You will need a 7mm wrench to remove the orifice – which is a bit of an unusual

They sent me the following instructions:


Unscrew the oven burner bracket from the back of the stove.


Rotate the burner (#55) 180 degrees to gain access to the orifice. (We ended up

removing this to get at the orifice)


Remove the orifice from the orifice holder with a 7mm wrench (#56 is the orifice

and # 57 is the holder)


Clean out the orifice with forced air or with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Never use metal to clean the orifice