Nova Kool CHAPTER 10 User Manual

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American Tug 34 Owner Experiences

Chapter 10 Galley

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We drilled two 3 inch diameter holes in the
back of the microwave shelf as well as an
exit vent in the back of the microwave area.

This picture shows the microwave
compartment, with the microwave removed
and the two hoses leading up to the bottom
of the collector box.

I installed a 3 inch diameter computer fan under one of the 3 inch holes to extract air. I
wired this to the existing fan control connections on the control box. NovaKool
representative told me that control unit is rated to switch up to 0.5amps (A) of fans.
There is already a 6in unit installed at the back of the fridge that is rated at 0.28A. The
3inch fan that I added is 0.1A, so I’m comfortably below their limit.

I noticed that the existing fan was installed on the starboard side of the fridge, set to blow
air starboard to port across the compressor. Since we now had a big inlet vent on the port
side of the fridge, I removed it and relocated it to the port side, just behind the new grill I
installed, and reversed it to pull air IN.



Manufacturer’s Part

West Marine Number

Vent cover – microwave

Attwood 1494A5 (Black)

1202050 (Catalog page

Collector Box

Attwood 1341-1


Hose (we used 3 ft of hose
in total)

Shields 3 inch 116-400-


Vent cover – fridge cabinet

Seateak 9” x 16” louvered
vent cover

Not in the West catalog.
Not all stores stock these –
you need to call the store
near you to see if they stock

Additional fan

Unknown - 3in computer
fan from Radio Shack


Interior Light

Richard Gray (AT34 #087 “Gray Dawn”) suggests:

“If you open your refrigerator and the light inside is hot, it is not turning off when
the door is shut. Just buy the small clear cabinet door bumpers at Lowes / Wal-