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American Tug 34 Owner Experiences

Chapter 10 Galley

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maker would no longer function. The company sold us a new assembly (at cost) which
fixed the problem, but they also recommended leaving the door slightly open when it is
not in use so that the inside could dry out.

Doug Lindal reported:

“There were two problems, no AC operation and a whine on the DC side.

The first issue was a real no-brainer: the icemaker is plugged into a separate GFI
outlet under the sink and it has apparently been tripped since the boat was
delivered! I had of course checked to make sure it was plugged in, but never
suspected that it was on a separate GFI circuit.

The DC problem with the icemaker turned out to be a stripped screw that caused a
loose connection of the wire to the 20A circuit breaker on the panel. The unit was
consequently only getting 7-8 amps instead of the 13 amps it needs to operate so
it whined and shut down, which is a good thing as it could have burned out the
compressor motor. “

Stove – Force 10

Contact info:

Force 10 Marine Company
23080 Hamilton RD.
Richmond, BC
Canada, V6V 1C9
Phone (800)-663-8515


We have a Force 10 propane 3-burner stove with and oven. The model number for our
stove is 73351. There is a white sticker under the oven on the left hand side that has the
model and serial numbers on it.

Most west coast boats have propane, while most east coast boats have electric. Most
boats have a stove with an oven, while some have just a cook top. These boats tend to
have a combination convection/microwave rather than the standard microwave oven that
most boats have.

Propane Stove Components

The propane stove option includes the following components:

• Propane tank – A 20 pound aluminum propane tank which is installed in the

cockpit locker on the starboard side of the boat. This locker is sealed from the
boat interior, and has vents into the cockpit.

• Regulator – Used to regulate the pressure coming from the tank to the stove
• Pressure gauge from 0 – 300psi. Normal full tank pressure is around 120psi
• Solenoid – An electric valve that is located after the regulator and before the gas

line leading to the stove