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American Tug 34 Owner Experiences

Chapter 10 Galley

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Mart /Home Depot and put one on the light switch to give you the extra 1/8 inch
needed to turn off the light.”

Door Thumb latches

Some ATs have little thumb 'backup' latches on the refrigerator door, to secure it better in
rough water. We did not have these, but NovaKool were happy to send us two, at no
charge. How nice is that??

They arrived in short order and Marion (I think that is his name) even called a week later
to ask if I had received the latches and if I had any questions or problems in installing

The fridge and freezer door are designed to be reversible, for left-hand (as we have) or
right-hand opening. These latches screw into the three already-drilled ‘extra’ holes for the

The screws take a little effort to get them started, as they are self-tapping.

Ice Maker

This is an option on AT34s, and if fitted, is installed in place of the cabinet to the right of
the stove.

Sea Freeze of America Inc.



360) 733-8282

FAX: (360) 738-2411


1600 Kentucky St.
Suite B6.
Bellingham, WA 98229

We tend to only use our ice maker when we are in a marina plugged into shore power.
It’s a hybrid AC/DC unit: the compressor is AC, while the control circuitry is DC. It
therefore has a built-in inverter/charger, and is connected to both DC and AC circuit

We prefer not to have the power drain of the ice maker when we are staying out on the

Whenever you turn off the ice maker and intend to leave it off for more than a day, be
sure to leave the door open so that it can dry out.

We made the mistake of shutting it off and leaving it off with the door closed for several
months one time – this resulted in the internal rotor system corroding so much that the ice