General safety rules – Ryobi CS30 RY30020A User Manual

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Read and understand all instructions. Failure to follow all
instructions listed below may result in electric shock, fire
and/or serious personal injury.



For safe operation, read and understand all instructions

before using this product. Follow all safety instructions.
Failure to follow all safety instructions listed below, can
result in serious personal injury.


Do not allow children or untrained individuals to use this



Never start or run the engine in a closed or poorly venti-

lated area; breathing exhaust fumes can kill.


Clear the work area before each use. Remove all objects

such as rocks, broken glass, nails, wire, or string which
can be thrown or become entangled in the cutting line
or blade.


Wear safety glasses or goggles that are marked to comply

with ANSI Z87.1 standard when operating this product.


Wear heavy, long pants, boots, and gloves. Do not wear

loose fitting clothing, short pants, or go barefoot. Do not
wear jewelry of any kind.


Product users on United States Forest Service land,

and in some states, must comply with fire prevention
regulations. This product is equipped with a spark arrestor;
however, other user requirements may apply. Check with
your federal, state, or local authorities.


Never operate this unit on the operator’s left side.

�n Secure long hair above shoulder level to prevent

entanglement in moving parts.

�n Keep all bystanders, children, and pets at least 15 m (50

ft.) away.

�n Do not operate this unit when you are tired, ill, or under

the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication.

�n Do not operate in poor lighting.
�n Keep firm footing and balance. Do not overreach.

Overreaching can result in loss of balance or exposure
to hot surfaces.

�n Keep all parts of your body away from any moving


�n To avoid hot surfaces, never operate the unit with the

bottom of the engine above waist level.

�n Do not touch area around the muffler or cylinder of the

unit, these parts get hot from operation.


Always stop the engine and remove the spark plug wire

before making any adjustments or repairs except for
carburetor adjustments.


Inspect the unit before each use for loose fasteners, fuel

leaks, etc. Replace any damaged parts before use.


The string head or blade will rotate during carburetor



It has been reported that vibrations from hand-held tools

may contribute to a condition called Raynaud’s Syndrome
in certain individuals. Symptoms may include tingling,
numbness, and blanching of the fingers, usually apparent
upon exposure to cold. Hereditary factors, exposure to
cold and dampness, diet, smoking, and work practices
are all thought to contribute to the development of these
symptoms. It is presently unknown what, if any, vibrations
or extent of exposure may contribute to the condition.
There are measures that can be taken by the operator to
possibly reduce the effects of vibration:

a) Keep your body warm in cold weather. When oper-

ating the unit wear gloves to keep hands and wrists
warm. It is reported that cold weather is a major factor
contributing to Raynaud’s Syndrome.

b) After each period of operation, exercise to increase

blood circulation.

c) Take frequent work breaks. Limit the amount of

exposure per day.

d) Keep the tool well maintained, fasteners tightened,

and worn parts replaced.

If you experience any of the symptoms of this condition,

immediately discontinue use and see your physician about
these symptoms.


Mix and store fuel in a container approved for gasoline.

�n Mix fuel outdoors where there are no sparks or flames.

Wipe up any fuel spillage. Move 9 m (30 ft. ) away from
refueling site before starting engine.


Stop the engine and allow to cool before refueling or

storing the unit.


Allow the engine to cool; empty the fuel tank and secure

the unit from moving before transporting in a vehicle.

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