Symbols – Ryobi CS30 RY30020A User Manual

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50' 15m

50' 15m

Some of the following symbols may be used on this tool. Please study them and learn their meaning for safe operation
of this product.


Safety Alert Symbol

Precautions that involve your safety.

Read the Operator’s Manual

To reduce the risk of injury, user must read and under-
stand operator’s manual before using this product.

Wear Eye and Hearing Protection

Wear eye protection which is marked to comply
with ANSI Z87.1 as well as hearing protection when
operating this equipment.

Keep Bystanders Away

Keep all bystanders at least 50 ft. (15 m) away.


Thrown objects can ricochet and result in personal
injury or property damage.

No Blade

Do not install or use any type of blade on a product
displaying this symbol.

Gasoline and Oil

Use unleaded gasoline intended for motor vehicle use
with an octane rating of 87 ([R + M] / 2) or higher. This
product is powered by a 2-cycle engine and requires
pre-mixing gasoline and 2-cycle oil.

Blade Thrust

Beware of blade thrust. Products authorized for blade
use will display this symbol to warn of blade thrust.

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