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Page 10: Installing the wonderware license

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To set supervisor/user BIOS passwords, first connect an external keyboard (for
the Page Up/Page Down function). Press Del on power up. This takes the
computer into the AWARD BIOS setup. When the setup screen comes on, select
the supervisor password. A small screen appears for password definition (up to
eight characters), followed by a second screen to verify the entry. The method is
the same for the user password. Once passwords are defined, password entry
will be required before any BIOS settings can be changed.

IMPORTANT: There is no hidden entry into the BIOS settings! If the supervisor
password is forgotten, no modifications will be allowed. If you chose to use pass-
words, make certain to record them.

To disable the password function, just press Enter when the Supervisor pass-
word option appears. Once the password is disabled, setup access is freely avail-
able. Consult the factory before making any significant BIOS settings. Making
inappropriate modifications may disable the OPtima PC to the point of inoperation.

5. Setup

5.1 Windows NT Setup

5.1.1 Window Settings

The active title bar and caption (upper right _ and X in a Window) are set at size
18 in the Windows/Display/Appearance window. These can be changed to make
them easier for touchscreen accessibility with a finger, however, this will affect
the operation of any Wonderware screens that have been made for the OPtima
PC. Because of the effect on Wonderware screens, it is not recommended that
any display settings which effect the size of screen items be modified.

5.1.2 Regional Settings for Date

Windows NT is setup to use a four digit year for y2k compliance. The setting is
found under Regional Settings (in Control Panel). Do not change this setting.

5.1.3 Date/Time Zone

The time zone is set for Greenwich Mean Time, with the option to adjust for
daylight savings time disabled. In cases where SPC data is being gathered, an
automatic adjust for the time can disrupt data being collected. This option can be
changed by selecting Date/Time (in Control Panel) and changing the date/time
to the preferred option.

5.1.4 Fonts

When creating screen sets for use with the InTouch development system, the
user MUST use fonts that are also installed in the OPtima PC. It is recommended
to download sample screens before developing an entire screen set, in order to
make certain that fonts (and other items) appear as desired.

Installed Fonts include: Arial, Courier New, Lucida Console, Lucida Sans Unicoda,
Marlett, Times New Roman.

Versions of the above include Baltic, Central European, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish,
and Western. If new fonts need to be installed, select Fonts (in Control Panel)
and from the File menu, select Install New Font. Point the computer to the
directory from which you are installing (i.e. A:\ ) and click OK.