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1. Introduction

The OPtima PC is made up of a single board computer with a 233 Mhz proces-
sor. It has 1 PCI expansion slot and 2 ISA expansion slots. External connectors
are provided for 1 parallel port and 1 serial port. Connectors are also provided for
attaching an external monitor and keyboard. The Model DSA2 is equipped with a
10.4” (800 x 600 pixels) active matrix “touchscreen” display, a floppy disk drive
and a proprietary keyboard. The Model DSB2 is equipped with a 15” (1024 x 768
pixels) active matrix “touchscreen” display and an (optional) floppy disk drive.

The PC is supplied with a minimum of 64 MB of EDO RAM, with support for up to
128 MB. It also has 2 MB of on-board display memory, which is not expandable.
This memory, along with the PCI-bus and on-board graphics controller, provides a
64-bit graphics engine which is excellent for most display intensive applications.

Note that for best results when using Wonderware, screens sets should be de-
veloped in the same resolution as the particular OPtima PC that is being used.
Although Wonderware provides a means of “converting” resolutions, some ele-
ments may not appear as would be expected.

2. Installation

This is an Installation Category 3 and Pollution Degree 2 device. The wiring
guidelines outlined in this manual are to be used in addition to all applicable
electrical and safety codes. Be sure to follow all requirements of such codes as
well as other recognized safety practices.

2.1 CE EMC Compliance

Wiring guidelines to ensure the machine is CE EMC compliant are included in this
document. For additional wiring information, refer to the following publications:

Recommended Guideline for Wiring & Grounding Machine Controls
Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.
1275 K Street, N.W.–Suite 400
Washington, D.C. 20005
(202) 371-5200

IEEE Guide for the Installation of Electrical Equipment to Minimize Electrical Noise
Inputs to Controllers from External Sources
(IEEE Std 518-1982)

2.2 Mounting

Do not enclose the operator station in a small or tightly sealed cabinet or panel
which would cause the surrounding temperature to exceed the rated tempera-
ture. Consideration must also be given to protecting the display surface. Do not
mount the operator station so that the display is subject to mechanical damage or
dust and dirt particles. Periodic cleaning using a soft, water-dampened cloth is
recommended. Do NOT spray liquid cleaning agents directly onto the operator
station. No matter which of the mounting versions is used, allow adequate room
for vibration, air circulation and easy access. Pay particular attention to the ac-
cessibility of cable connectors.

2.3 Wiring

The OPtima PC must be operated from a 24 Vdc Class 2 input. This unit requires 24
Vdc at 5 Amps, maximum. If an AC supply is required to provide the 24 Vdc, a
standard 110 Watt supply with 24 Vdc output will suffice. Note that inadvertent power
loss (or shutdown) may cause application problems. A battery-backed power supply
is recommended in order to keep the OPtima running during times of power loss.

The bond strap must be connected at the nearest panel location.