Optima Company PC User Manual

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2. Power up the OPtima. From Control Panel (in Settings) select Add/Remove
and click Install. Insert the SW-LNET-INT disk in the floppy drive and
select “A:setup.exe.” Install the file to the C:\Modicon\WinConX\MBX Driver di-
rectory. If the installer will not create this directory, create it first, and then perform
the installation again. If you are prompted for a computer name and company,
enter “Preferred Customer” and “Preferred Company” respectively. Restart the
computer after the installation.

3. After restarting, go to MBX Driver Configuration (in the Start, Programs,
WinConX, MBX Driver
menu). Choose New and set the device type to SA85
and the device number to “0.” Select Setup. Set the Device Name to ClMbx0
(this is a lower case “L,” not the number “1”). Change Operation to Interrupt Driven.
Set the Memory Address to D0000, IRQ=5 and Bus Number = 0. (For a 2nd card
the memory address and IRQ must be set to match the switch and jumper setting
for that card - see Step 1.) Click OK and return to the main menu. Click OK
again to initialize the card. Select Close and then restart the system.

4. After restarting, insert the SW-WVD-INT disk in the floppy drive and select
“A:setup.exe.” This will install the WinConx Virtual MBX. Use the default settings
for where to install. Exit after the installation is complete.

5. Edit the Config.nt file (in the winnt\system32 directory) by adding the following
line (EXACTLY as it appears below) to the end of the file:


(no spaces)

6. Edit the Autoexec.nt file (also in the winnt\system32 directory) by adding the
following line (EXACTLY as it appears below) to the end of the file:

%SystemRoot%\System\mbp16vec 5d

(a space between “vec” and “5”)

Note that “5d” is the NetBIOS vector. It must match the setting in the Modicon.ini
file created below.

7. Path to the \winnt directory. (If you have previously opened Concept and tried to
connect to a PLC, the following file will already have been created.) Using Notepad,
either modify or create the file “modicon.ini” and include the following information:

COM1=COM1:9600,e,8,1 RTU 1000

(a space between “1” and “R” and


also between “U” and “1”)

Note that the “5d” here matches the “5d” in the Autoexec.nt file. If, when connect-
ing to a PLC, a resource violation error occurs change the Autoexec.nt file AND
the modicon.ini file to “5c” and try again.

8. Install the ASB NT server (“MBPASB”).