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10. Troubleshooting/Application Tips


In ANY situation that requires the unit to be open, proper shutdown
and ESD precautions MUST be followed.

Front keypad or touchscreen stops working:
Plug in an external keyboard (a Windows 95 keyboard will give you the Start
key.) Using the Start, Tab and Arrow keys, go to Control Panel\ELO
. Look to see that the COM Port is set to single touchscreen/Com
2. If it is not, set it to single touchscreen/Com2.

If the touchscreen still will not function, plug in a Windows 95 compatible key-
board. This will allow a user to move around the screen using keyboard func-
tions. Start/Tab/Alt + alpha character and arrow keys should allow access to
most functions. When the system can be shut off, open the front of the unit and
look for misconnection of power and cables.

Loss of the display/backlight:
The backlight on the DSA2 will turn off after a 10 minute period of keyboard
inactivity. Press any key to turn it back on. If this doesn’t work, plug in a CRT to
the connector on the side of the unit. After shutdown, open the unit and look for
a loose cable at the single board computer or the display. A loose cable will make
the screen appear all white. No backlight power will make the screen appear
dark. Look for loose backlight cables and power connections.

There is also the possibility that a power loss on powerup could cause CMOS to
be read improperly. If the display screen cannot be read, connect a CRT to the
side of the unit and go into CMOS setup (Powerup the OPtima and immediately
press the Del key). Under the Standard CMOS Setup option, see if the panel
definition shows the correct resolution. Use Page Up to select that definition if it
is not set that way. Press Esc and go to Save and Exit. The unit should now
power up with the display readable.

When the System starts up NT, it performs a diskcheck:
This operation is generally performed if there was an improper shut down of the
unit. This does not cause any application anomalies, just a longer power up
while the disk is checked.

Wonderware InTouch will not recognize the License file:
Copy the *.lic file from the A:\License directory directly to C:\Programs\Factory
Suite\Common\License directory. Create the License folder first if it does not exist.

Wonderware cannot open an application:
An application may have had its power shut down inadvertantly while running.
From the Start menu, choose Find, and then search the drives for an appedit.lok
file. Once found, delete this file. The application should now open.

Wonderware Title Bar does not go all the way to the top:
Go to Control Panel\Display\Appearance. Make certain that the Title Bar and
Caption sizes are set to 18. If not, set them to 18 (or whatever the original size
set by the OEM).

Wonderware Screens do not look “right” when transferred from the Development
Computer to the OPtima PC:
Check the resolution mode in which the screen set was developed. The DSA2 is
an 800 x 600 pixel resolution and cannot perform XGA (1024x768) resolution. Also,
check in Control Panel\Display that the window title bar sizes are set to 18. If not,
the top of the Wonderware screen may not fill in all the way to the top.