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7.2.1 Special Cases

The shift keys are used for the following special function:

CTL-ALT-DEL: Yellow Shift (release), CTL (release); Yellow Shift (release), ALT
(release); Yellow Shift (release), DEL (release).

7.3 Left/Right Mouse Buttons

Once an NT window is activated, the left and right mouse button perform the
same function that a standard left and right mouse button do.

7.4 Cursor Keys

The yellow half-diamond keys are used for left/right/up/down cursoring.

7.5 Machine Function Keys sent as Keyboard Buttons

The 24 gray machine function keys are mapped left to right, top to bottom. The first
row of keys is sent as CTRL-SHFT-a through CTRL-SHFT-h. The next row is sent
as CTRL-SHFT-i through CTRL-SHFT-p. The last row is sent as CTRL-SHFT-q
through CTRL-SHFT-x. They can be remapped for use in Wonderware. A key
LED turns on when the key is pressed. These LEDs are not programmable.

7.6 Machine Function Keys as Interbus-S Buttons

When the OPtima PC is ordered with the machine function Interbus-S option, the
machine function keys are tied to the Interbus-S port. The bus connections are
made with the two small D-sub connectors on the side of the Optima PC. The
machine function keys are Bits 0 - 23 of the 2 input words. The LED’s are Bits 0
- 23 of the 2 output words. When defining I/O in Concept, a generic I/O device
(like IOBUS-203, which is a 2 word bidirectional device) or the 32-508-100 can
be used to map the switches and LED’s.

8. Environmental Specifications


The operating temperature is 10 to 45


C, 8 to 80% RH (relative humidity)

with a wet bulb temperature of 29


C and no condensation.

The maximum operating temperature of the Model DSA2 with the internal
120 MB Superdisk option included is 40




The storage temperature is -20 to 60


C, 5 to 90% RH with a wet bulb

temperature of 29




10 to 500 Hz at 4.91m/s


(0.5 G) continuous vibration.


49.1 m/s


(5.0 G) shock for 11 ms with a half sinewave in each of three

mutually exclusive perpendicular axes.


25 lbs (11.4 kg)