Oracle Audio Technologies V User Manual

Page 10

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... attach the ground lead


Loosen the thumb nut from under the sub-chassis near the tonearm and insert one

end of the lead.


Attach the other end of the lead to the ground post of your pre-amplifier.

... install and calibrate the hinges
( Supplied when purchasing the optional dust cover )


Locate the hinges in the lower section of the packaging and the appropriate allen

key ( 3/32" ) from the tool kit.


Mount the hinges to the plinth and do not tighten the screws completely. Make sure

the dust cover slots line up correctly with each other before the final tightening.


Install the dust cover by sliding it in the hinges slot.


If the dustcover can not be lifted totally

open in its playing area, it is possible to change the
spring tension of the hinges. The tension have been
pre-adjusted on both hinges at the factory to its best

... operate the record clamp

- Tighten the clamp so the record is pushed flat

against the mat.

Note : Damages may occur to your albums when

overtightening the record clamp.

... level your Delphi

Your turntable is now ready to be moved to its final location.


Level the acrylic base by turning the leveling feet. Use the subchassis spirit level to

complete this final adjustment since the relative level has already been established

between the subchassis and the acrylic base.

What to do ...

... if the turntable does not start and the speed indicating light does not go on

- AC connection to the wall outlet.

- power supply output plug to the input receptacle of the turntable.

- power supply output, if not output, replace the fuse inside.

Use 0.25 amp / 250vac for 100 and 120 volts line input.

Use 0.1 amp / 250vac for 200 and 220 volts line input.

... if the turntable does not start and the speed indication light goes on