Oracle Audio Technologies V User Manual

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be done by simply lifting the suspension housing just enough so you can see

the spring. If you can see the spring anywhere from almost flush to up to 3

coils out of the spring holder, the spring is in a safe range. If the spring can

not be seen showing below the holder a carefull inspection should be

performed on this spring to make sure it is still at less than ½ turn

inside the holder.

... calibrate the suspension...

Note 13:

This is an indication that the spring is approaching its limits ( too soft

for the application ). The use of a softer spring should be considered. Failing

to do so could eventually cause the spring to slip out of its holder thus

causing potential damage to your record and your phono cartridge!

... dress the phono lead ( does not apply to the Delphi with a granit base edition )


The phono lead can now be connected to the base of your tone arm.


Secure the lead to the strain relief clip form above or below the plinth.

Note 1:

The lead must create a loop from the base of the tone arm to the strain

relief clip. This is done to prevent any interference of the lead with the



Note 2:

In some applications, the phono lead might be too stiff and it is then

recommended to split the molded wire from the plug to the strain relief.

Note 3:

If the loop is too long, the lead could come in contact with the table below

the turntable. If it is too short, it will keep the suspension system from

moving freely. In both cases, this would be detrimental to the sound.

... install the drive belt

Note 1:

To reduce contamination problems, wash your hands prior to handling the




Remove the platter.


Pour some of the oil vial (3 cc) in the bearing and verify the level using the depth
gage supplied with your turntable.


Locate the drive belt in the upper section of the packaging.


With the platter upside down, place the belt around the hub.


Bring the platter over the bearing and lower it straight down with one finger holding

the belt stretched.


Guide the drive belt around the motor pulley when the spindle is 2/3 inside the




Rotate the platter by hand a few turns to allow the belt to position itself around the

hub and the motor pulley.

Note 2:

The special lubricating oil supplied with your Delphi is designed to protect

and preserve the mating parts for many years.Unless contaminated with dirt

or alcohol, this lubrication will last for many years