Oracle Audio Technologies V User Manual

Page 11

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- drive belt

- motor connection plug for a broken wire

- drive module for a broken wire

- defective drive module

... if the platter is not parallel with the plinth


- suspension calibration using the suspension gauge


If a relatively important change occured in one particular suspension module,

it could be the sign of an improperly seated spring of sorbothane ring. Check

the installation carrefully prior to calibrating again.


- section How to ... calibrate the suspension

... if an even up or down motion cannot be obtained when gently pressing on the
record clamp


- leveling of the base

- for phono lead interference with the movement of the suspension. If

uncertain, unplug the lead.


- previous topic: ... if the platter is not parallel with the plinth.

... if 33 and 45 speed becomes erratic`


- drive belt to make sure it rides in the center of the motor pulley.

- motor pulley height (should be 71 mm (2.800 in.) from the top of the

pulley to the acrylic base).

- lubrication in main bearing.

- drive belt for oil contamination

- drive belt for excessive wear

- for damaged of defective main bearing

- motor connection plug for a broken wire

- drive module for a broken wire




- defective drive module.

... for maintenance


The blue cloth supplied can be used to clean all the metal, acrylic parts and the mat.

Always use the cloth dampened with water to dust the acrylic parts. Do not use this

cloth to pick up oil spills, keep it for the delicate work.


Unless contaminated, there will be no need to dismantle the main bearing. If

required it is simple to disassemble it from the subchassis. Keep the bearing ass’y

vertical since it contains oil. If the oil is contaminated it must be disposed of

ecologically. Remove the 3 socket head capscrews holding the bottom cover.

Clean the thrust pad and the inside of the bearing well with denatured alcohol using

a cotton swab. Allow a few minutes for the parts to dry. Reassemble, making sure