Oracle Audio Technologies V User Manual

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Important ! If you are planning to cut your own mounting board, remember that the cutting
of the arm board can sometimes be troublesome as well as being a potential hazard. The
use of an adequate tooling is important to both accuracy and safety.


Use stainless steel or aluminum screws to mount the cartridge for maximum rigidity.


In preparation for the final alignment, tighten the screws so the cartridge can be

moved in the headshell.

... precisely align the phone cartridge

Note 1:

The adequate use of the Oracle calibrator disc will insure an accurate



Note 2:

Important ! Do not use tape to keep the platter from turning, doing so would

damage the paint finish of the sub chassis or the platter.


Place the calibrator disc on the platter, over the mat.


Prevent the platter from turning for this operation.


Aim the alignment line ( Located over the " O " of Oracle ) with the pivot center of the




Adjust the stylus pressure to approximately 1 gram.


Move the tone arm over the alignment grid and cue it down.

Note 3:

Important ! Any movement of the platter with the stylus cued down could

result in irrevocable damage to the stylus or the cantilever.


Chek for the horizontality of the arm tube with the surface of the calibrator disc or

use the tone arm manufacturer's supplied tool, adjust the height accordingly.


Bring the tone arm over the center of the grid again and lower it. The stylus tip

must fit in the pin hole in the center of the grid. If not, position the cartridge so it


Precisely align the body of the cartridge with the lines of the grid. An other way

would be to visualize the cantilever as an extention of the center line of the grid

Secure the cartridge screws and repeat the previous operation.


Check the azimuth ( lateral view of the cantilever ) by lowering the stylus over the

black portion on the calibrator disc. The mirror reflection will help determine if the

cartridge is off its vertical axis...


Check the stylus pressure and adjust it to the manufacturer's specifications.


Install the stylus guard to complete the assembly of your Delphi. Whenever

possible, do not install the phono lead at this time.

... calibrate the suspension

Note 1:

The spring tension of the suspension system can be adjusted two ways. First

by using a different color coded spring. They are coded as follow from the

weakest to the strongest, white ( rarely needed... not supplied ), yellow, red,

green, blue and black ( rarely needed... not supplied ) The second is by