Oracle Audio Technologies V User Manual

Page 9

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Note 3:

In the event that the drive belt becomes contaminated, clean it with

denatured alcohol. Clean the motor pulley and the drive hub at the same


... remove the platter with the drive belt installed


The following is not an operation related to the assembly of your Delphi but

a procedure to prevent overstretching the drive belt.


Place one hand at the rear of the platter, over the motor, one hand at the front, lift

the platter about 2.5 cm (one inch) and with one finger pull the belt off the motor

pulley, then lift the platter straight up. Lifting the platter without looking after the

drive belt could possibly damage it.

... connect the power supply


Plug the power supply output to the turntable input receptacle located to the rear of




Plug the input cord to an AC outlet.


Keep the power supply away from signal carrying leads.

... adjust the 33 and 45 speed

Note 1:

The 33 speed must always be calibrated first.

Note 2:

The individual speed potentiometers are accessible from the rear of the drive

module. When viewing the module from the rear, a clockwise rotation of the

potentiometer will result in an increase of the selected speed.

Note 3:

The inner circles of strobe marks on the calibrator disc are to be used with a

supply of 50 Hz. The circle near the center is for 33 RPM, the other one is for

45 RPM. The outer circles are to be used with a supply of 60 Hz. The

outermost circle is for 45 RPM, the one next to it is for 33 RPM.

Note 4:

The use of incandescent or preferably, fluorescent lighting is required to

accuratly read the calibrator disc.

Note 5:

When the right speed is reached the appropriate set of strobe marks will be

standing still ( with no movement forewards or backwards )


Place the calibrator disc over the spindle, on the platter.


Select the 33 speed and check for accuracy.


Select the 45 speed and check for accuracy.


If both speeds need to be corrected, select the 33 speed again and, using the small

screw driver supplied with the tool kit, rotate the 33 speed potentiometer ( to the left,

when viewing the module from the rear ) until the strobe marks on the calibrator disc

come to a standstill position.


Check the 45 speed again, if a small correction is still required, rotate the 45 speed