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Telephone’s Analogue Adapter – UTStarcom iAN-02EX (V1.8.2.17a) – Operating Manual



The use of the SKYPHO’s voice service on IP (VoIP) is simple and quick. You need only an Internet access, a traditional
telephone (analogue) and a PC, and with few “clicks” you could use the new telephone line with quality equal to the
traditional landline.

To use the SKYPHO’s VOIP service, you need:


One computer with an Ethernet port;


One modem/router with a LAN port


One Internet access;


One Username and one Password (account SIP).

The SIP account is the registration made on SKYPHO’s server that allows the access the VoIP services provided by the
server itself. It is composed by a Username, coincident with the telephone number you have been assigned and a
Password (confidential access code) by which you can access the telephone services of Eutelia.

ATTENTION! The confidentiality of these data is necessary in order to guarantee that services will be accessed only by
you. For your major safety, you can choose a new password by accessing on Eutelia’s registration site.


One iAN-02EX telephone adapter

One telephone cable (rj-11)

One Ethernet cable (rj-45)

One power adapter

One user manual

Telephone’s Analogue Adapter (ATA)

Easy Start Manual

Ethernet cable (rj-45)

Telephone cable (rj-11)