UTStarcom IAN-02EX User Manual

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Telephone’s Analogue Adapter – UTStarcom iAN-02EX (V1.8.2.17a) – Operating Manual



When you finished the connections, you can proceed with the iAN-02EX ATA configuration.

Before proceeding with the ATA configuration it is necessary to verify if in your router the DHCP service is working, (this
means that in your LAN are used IP addresses in a dynamic way), or if the DHCP service is not working, (this means that
in your LAN are used IP addresses in a static way).
Based on what mentioned above, please proceed with the suitable instructions that follow.

Access to ATA when the DHCP service is working

1. verify that the LAN port of your PC is configured in order to obtain an IP address automatically.

Click on “Start \ Settings\ Network connections“, double
click on “Local area connections (LAN)” .

In the new window click on “Properties” and then double
click on “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”.

Verify that the option “Obtain an IP address
is activated or modify the setting and press
OK” .

At the end, you can close all the opened windows.

2. verify which IP address has been assigned to your iAN-02EX ATA.

Access your router in configuration mode and in the status information about the “LAN” or on “DHCP client” check
which IP address has been assigned to your iAN-02EX ATA and write it down.

3. start your Web Browser (i.e. Internet Explorer), insert the IP address of your iAN-02EX ATA and press “GO”.

4. It will appear the window prompt for “Network Password”

in which you have to insert “supervisor” as User name and
your personal Password, received from Eutelia, as
Password (if you didn’t receive any indication, use the
“Eutelia” password).

Attention! The confidentiality of these data is necessary
in order to guarantee that the equipment configuration is
accessible only by you. We suggest to proceed with the
configuration password change and to write down the
new one.

5. After few moments, the “System Status” of your iAN-02EX

ATA.will appear on the left of your window. Clicking on the
items of the menu you can change the parameters
configuration of your iAN-02EX, as explained in the
following chapter.

IMPORTANT: the changes made are not going to be effective before “Save” and “Reboot” of the ATA, as indicate in the
following pages.