Voip parameters – UTStarcom IAN-02EX User Manual

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Telephone’s Analogue Adapter – UTStarcom iAN-02EX (V1.8.2.17a) – Operating Manual


VoIP parameters

1. click on “


” menu, then select user0 and insert the values of your SIP

account provided by Eutelia during registration:

Username = Telephone Number Assigned by Eutelia

Password = Password of the SIP Account

Displayname =
Telephone Number Assigned by Eutelia

Login ID =
Telephone Number Assigned by Eutelia and click on OK

NOTE: The SIP account is the subscription registered on Eutelia’s server that
allows to access to the VoIP services provided by the server itself. It is composed by
a User name, coincident with the telephone number you have been assigned and a
Password (confidential access code) by which you can access the telephone
services of Eutelia. User name and Password will be provided directly by Eutelia at
the activation of the service.

If you have subscribed the Eutelia’s VoIP service with two telephone lines, you need
to repeat the same configuration for user1, filling in the values of User name and
Password of the second SIP account assigned to you.

Note that the user0 corresponds to the physical port indicated as “PHONE1” on the
adapter, while user1 corresponds to “PHONE2” port.