Vinotemp VT-SC-1 User Manual

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W W W . V I N O T E M P . C O M

Your Beverage Cooler

This unit can be used for Storage and/or Service. The cooler has a glass door
and interior light.

General Operating Instructions

Remove all external and internal packaging from your beverage cooler. Be
sure that all parts have been included before discarding any packaging
materials. You may want to keep the box and packing materials for use at a
later date.

Upon receipt and inspection of unit, the supply cord must be replaced if it is
damaged. Contact our customer service at 1-800-777-8466 or
[email protected].

• Let the unit rest, UNPLUGGED for 12 hours once you have it placed in

your home.

• Please fully read the instruction manual.

Please read and follow all safety rules

and operating instructions before using.