Power failure, Moving the cooler, Drip pan – Vinotemp VT-SC-1 User Manual

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• Plug the cabinet into the electrical outlet; operate the cooler for at least

three hours. This will aid in refrigeration performance.

• Do not attempt to adjust the temperature control. The temperature

control is factory set to provide maximum performance.


The inside light is controlled by the power. Plug in to turn on unit and light.


• Before cleaning the appliance, always remember to unplug it.

• Unplug the cooler at the electrical outlet; never pull the service cord.

• Do not use sharp or pointed objects for cleaning.

• Clean the inside cabinet of the cooler with a clean damp cloth or with

neutral soap. Avoid damage by never using abrasive or flammable
cleaning products.

• Clean the condenser at least once a month with a vacuum cleaner or a

brush to eliminate the dust accumulation.

Power failure
• Please minimize the frequency of opening the door during a power failure.

Most power failures are corrected within a few hours and the temperature
of your beverages will not be affected.

• If the power will be off for an extended period, proper procedure should

be followed for the stored cans.

Non-use for extended time frames:
• If your cooler is unused for extended periods, it is best to remove the

cans, unplug and clean your cooler. Also please open the door to avoid
possible formation of condensation, mold or odors.

Moving the cooler
• Take out all the cans.

• Secure all loose parts inside the cooler.

• Tape the door shut.

• During transportation, make sure that the cooler is in the upright position.

Drip pan
• When the compressor stops working, water drops will drain through the

outlet in the inner back wall into the drain pan (above the compressor).

• If the drain pan needs to be cleaned, pull the drain pan forward gently

and reinstall it after cleaning.


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