Parts and identification installation, Electrical connection – Vinotemp VT-SC-1 User Manual

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W W W . V I N O T E M P . C O M



• Remove all packing material before using your cooler.

• Clean the interior surface with a soft cloth and lukewarm water.

• Locate the cooler in a dry and airy place.

• Install your cooler on a solid and level floor (other than carpet). This will

ensure a vibration and noise-free operation.

• Coolers transported in the horizontal position, must be returned to the

upright position, and not plugged in for minimum 1 to 12 hours. This is
essential for proper operation.

• Cooler transported in the horizontal position requires the drip pan,

located on top of the compressor, be checked for proper positioning.

• Do not locate the appliance close to walls; this could damage the electric

cord and may block the air circulation to the appliance. Keep the cooler a
distance of at least 4 inches from wall.

• Do not block the air intake that ventilates the condenser unit.


• This unit operates with a 115V~60Hz power supply. Check the electrical

outlet for proper voltage.

• Warning: Do not plug other electrical appliances into cooler outlet. The

coolers are supplied with 8ft length electric cord. Do not use extension
cords. Provide an outlet just for the cooler. If the cord is damaged,
replace it and do not try to repair it.

• For your own safety and for protection of the cooler, verify the existence

of the ground circuit in the electrical power supply. In case of doubts, ask
the assistance of an authorized electrician.

A. Cabinet
B. Glass Door
C. Lock
D. Drip Pan
E. Compressor

F. Adjusting Leg