Vienna Acoustics Subson User Manual

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high level inputs: to derive signal from the loudspeaker outputs of an amplifier using

speaker cables for the connection, in cases where the preferred chinch input is not
ATTENTION: Please ensure the correct polarity (consistency of plus and minus) when
connecting to the high level inputs!


chinch or RCA phono inputs: to derive signal from preamplifier or subwoofer

outputs. The preferred method for connection of SUBSON.

ATTENTION: It does not matter, if you put the chinch cable into the left or right input
(normally you only have one cable in your home theater, coming from the subwoofer

6 adjustable crossover frequency control: crossover point for subwoofer is tuned
according to the bass characteristic of your main loudspeakers and room acoustics.


volume controller: to adjust overall output of SUBSON


phase switch: critical adjustment to the phase characteristic of SUBSON in relation

to the bass region of the main, as well as center and surround, loudspeakers;
essentially aligns the timing of all of their output signals. Choose the switch position
that results in more bass by testing with several bass-heavy music tracks.


on position: SUBSON always on

auto: SUBSON turns on when music is detected

Recommended: AUTO switches off the subwoofer after 15 minutes without a music
signal. When music is played again, SUBSON returns to play mode automatically.



1. To avoid fingerprints on the aluminium, please put on the enclosed gloves when
positioning SUBSON.

2. Connect SUBSON to your signal source by using the chinch or RCA phono cables.
Alternatively, the SPEAKER LEVEL IN inputs can be used for signal connection. Using
speaker wire, simply connect to the subwoofer from the main speaker output terminals
of the main system amplifier.

3. Connect SUBSON to AC power outlet.

4. Turn the POWER switch on.

Do not be concerned if the LED does not glow immediately. In the recommended AUTO
position, the LED only glows when a music signal is detected, at that time the
subwoofer automatically turns on.

5. For best sound performance, it is very important to adjust SUBSON using the
following steps. It may be helpful to have one person assist by adjusting the controls,
while another remains in the listening position to guide the adjustments being made.