Vienna Acoustics Subson User Manual

Page 6

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Start with the controls in the following positions:
Crossover frequency: middle position (LOW PASS knob)
Volume: start at the middle position (12h) (VOLUME knob)
Phase: 0° (PHASE switch)

6. Listen: While playing music that has an abundance of consistent low bass, adjust
the output level of SUBSON until both the main
speaker’s and the subwoofer’s bass are clearly audible. [Attention: It may be
necessary, and in fact normal, that you have to turn the VOLUME control close to, or
even at, its maximum level. The gain structure of the SUBSON was developed to
produce the best sound, and that it may be necessary to adjust the VOLUME knob to
its maximum level.]
Then, check for phase consistency by switching from 0° to 180° using the
PHASE switch. Leave the PHASE switch in the position that achieves clearly louder bass

7. If SUBSON is not loud enough, it is possible that your main loudspeakers do not
supply enough mid-bass. In that case the crossover frequency point (LOW PASS knob)
may need to adjusted to the highest frequency (90 Hz), in order to achieve maximum
mid-bass output from the subwoofer.

8. If SUBSON was loud enough (before step 7), turn the crossover (LOW PASS knob)
towards the lowest frequency (50 Hz) and readjust the output volume to the point
where the main speakers and the subwoofer are balanced or equal in output. At this
point, slowly raise the crossover frequency (LOW PASS knob) until a seamless
integration, or transfer of output, between main speakers and subwoofer is achieved.

General setup tip:
It is usually best to crossover as low as the bass characteristics of the partnering
loudspeakers sited in the room will allow. This will result in achieving the lowest
possible bass extension. However, one of the advantages of the installation of a
subwoofer is the ability to tailor the bass output of the system to the needs and tastes
of the listener. Therefore, feel free to experiment with a variety of settings until one is
found that is satisfactory.



FUSE: 1 pc.
For replacing the fuse inside the socket (rear side of SUBSON).

GLOVES: 2 pcs.
For protecting SUBSON against fingerprints.