Typical operations, Changing abrasive discs (continued), Miter gauge – Wilton 4002 User Manual

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Changing abrasive discs

Align the keyway in the disc hub with the key on the motor shaft
(see Figure 22). Install the disc plate on the shaft. Position the
disc so the face of the disc is even with the edge of the upper
disc guard. Tighten the setscrew in the hub of the disc plate.

If necessary, adjust the position of the upper disc guard.

Loosen the screws and adjust the position of the upper disc

Replace the lower disc guard and the sanding disc table.

Miter gauge

A miter gage (see Figure 23) is supplied with the sander. The
miter gauge can be used on the disc table or the belt table. The
miter gauge can be set anywhere up to 45 degrees right or left.

Adjust the angle by loosening the knob, rotating the miter

gauge to the desired angle and retightening the knob.

Motor Belt

If the motor belt becomes loose, the belt can be tightened by
loosening the motor hold down nuts (see Figure 24). Slide to the
rear of the sander to tighten the belt. Hold the motor in position
and tighten the four motor hold down nuts.

Typical operations

The following are just some of the many operations that can be
performed with your Wilton Sander:

Sharpening a wood chisel on the sanding belt using a block of

wood. Use the block of wood to support the chisel and provide
clearance for the chisel handle (see Figure 25).

Sand a bevel in the block of wood in order to position the

wood as close as possible to the sanding belt and clamp the wood
to the table, as shown.

A cold chisel can also be sharpened on the belt table with the table tilted.

Figure 22. Installation of the disc

Figure 25. Sharpening a wood chisel

Figure 24. Tightening motor belt

Figure 23. Miter gauge (shown on disc