Operating instructions, Starting and stopping sander, Locking switch in the off position – Wilton 4002 User Manual

Page 9: Tracking the sanding belt, Platen

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Operating instructions

Starting and stopping sander

The on/off switch (see Figure 8) is mounted in a switch box on the right
side of the sander base. Move the switch to the forward (ON) position to
start the sander. Move the switch to the rear (OFF) position to stop the

Locking switch in the OFF position

We recommend that the switch be locked in the OFF position when the
sander is not in use. The switch can be locked by pulling the switch
locking tab out of the switch toggle (see Figure 9). The switch will not
operate with the locking tab removed. If the switch toggle is removed
when the sander is running, it can be turned OFF once, but it cannot be
restarted without inserting the switch tab.

Tracking the sanding belt

The belt tracking adjustment is set at the factory so the belt runs true on
the pulleys. However, if the belt tracks to one side of the pulleys, tracking
can be adjusted by turning the tracking knob . Turning the knob clockwise
moves the belt to the right when facing the sander. Turning the knob
counterclockwise will move the belt to the left. AVOID TURNING THE


WARNING: When making adjustments, make sure the motor is discon-
nected from the power source.

The platen (see Figure 11) is used to properly support the work when

sanding. The platen is constructed of heavy steel to provide adequate

The platen should be adjusted so it is almost touching the back of the

sanding belt. Loosen the cap screw and adjust the platen to the desired
position. Tighten the screw to secure the platen.

The platen can be removed for operations such as stripping, contour

sanding, polishing or other special operations. To remove the platen,
remove the cap screw. Be sure to reinstall the platen before performing
operations where support of the belt is required.

Figure 8. ON/OFF switch

Figure 9. Switch locking tab

Figure 10. Adjusting belt tracking

Figure 11. Platen