Typical operations (continued) – Wilton 4002 User Manual

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Typical operations

Sanding aluminum on the disc unit with the table tilted and using the
miter gauge as a guide (see Figure 26).

NOTE: Always sand on the left (downward) side of the sanding

disc, as shown. Sanding on the right (upward) side of the sanding
disc could cause the workpiece to fly up which could be hazardous.

Sanding outside curves on the belt unit with the platen removed

(see Figure 27).

Polishing using the accessory felt belt in place of the sanding

belt (see Figure 28).

NOTE: Most polishing operations are performed with the platen


Sanding in tight areas with the sanding belt (see Figure 29).

Figure 26. Sanding aluminum

Figure 27. Sanding outside curves

Figure 28. Polishing using a felt belt

Figure 29. Sanding in tight areas