Setting up the sander, Unpacking, Cleaning – Wilton 4002 User Manual

Page 6: Assembly

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Setting up the sander

WARNING: For your own safety, do not connect the sander to the
power source until the machine is completely assembled and you
have read and understood the entire Operating Instructions and Parts


The sander is shipped complete in one carton. Carefully unpack the
machine and all loose items from the carton. If any parts are missing,
do not attempt to operate your sander until the missing parts are
obtained and installed correctly.


Remove the protective coating from the surfaces of the sander and
from any loose parts. This coating may be removed with a soft cloth
moistened with kerosene (do not use acetone, gasoline or lacquer
thinner for this purpose). After cleaning, cover the table surfaces with
a good quality paste wax.


Assembly of the sander is limited to the installation of the disc table
and the belt table. Proceed as described in the following paragraphs.

Assembling sanding disc table

WARNING: When assembling the sanding disc table, make certain
the motor is disconnected from the power source.

The sanding disc table is secured with two cap screws and nuts.
A hex wrench is required to tighten the screws.


Set the table on the rounded pockets in the support casting.
Install the nuts in the channel on the back side of the pockets.


Install the screws through the table and base casting into the nuts.
Tighten the screws.


Check for 1/16-inch clearance between the edge of the table and
the face of the disc. Adjust the clearance if required


Removal/Installation of the Disc).

Installing belt sander table

WARNING: When assembling the belt sander table, make certain the
motor is disconnected from the power source.

The belt table is secured with a spring-loaded locking handle
assembly. The handle assembly is disassembled for ease of

Figure 1. Installing the disc sander


Figure 2. Securing the disc sander


17. Do not sand or polish magnesium. It could catch


18. Always remove scrap pieces and other objects

from the belt and disc tables before turning the
machine ON.

19. Never perform layout, assembly or set-up work

on the tables while the sander is operating.

20. Always turn the machine OFF and disconnect the

cord from the power source before installing or
removing accessories.

21. Never leave the machine work area when the

power is ON or before the machine has come to
a complete stop.