Wilton 4002 User Manual

Page 8

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Grounding instructions

WARNING: The sander must be grounded while in
use to protect the operator from electric shock. Make
sure that the receptacle is properly grounded. If you
are not sure the receptacle is grounded, have a
certified electrician check for proper grounding

• In the event of a malfunction or breakdown,

grounding provides a path of least resistance
for electric current to reduce the risk of
electric shock. This tool is equipped with an
electric cord having an equipment-grounding
conductor and a grounding plug. The plug
must be plugged into a matching outlet that is
properly installed and grounded in accordance
with all local codes and ordinances.

• Do not modify the plug provided—if it will not

fit have a new outlet installed by a qualified

• Improper connection of the equipment-

grounding conductor can result in risk of
electric shock. The conductor with insulation
having an outer surface that is green with or
without yellow stripes is the equipment ground-

Connecting sander to power source

The motor supplied with your sander is wired for operation at 115 Volts. IT MUST NEVER BE CONVERTED TO

Before connecting the motor cord to the power source, make certain the switch is in the OFF position and

be sure that the electric current is of the same characteristics as stamped on the motor nameplate.

ing conductor. If repair or replacement of the
electric cord or plug is necessary do not
connect the equipment grounding conductor to
a live terminal.

• Check with a qualified electrician or service

personnel if the grounding instructions are not
completely understood, or if in doubt as to
whether the tool is properly grounded. Use
only 3-wire extension cords that have 3-prong
grounding type plugs and 3-hole receptacles
that accept the plug, as shown in Figure 6.

• Repair or replace damaged or worn cord


• This tool is intended for use on a circuit that

has an outlet and a plug that looks like the one
shown in Figure 6.

• A temporary adapter, which looks like the

adapter illustrated in Figure 7, may be used to
connect this plug to a 2-pole receptacle, as
shown in Figure 7, if a properly grounded
outlet is not available.

Figure 6. Grounded plug in grounded receptacle

Figure 7. Grounded adapter connection