Important safety instructions – Weider LCD VW46L User Manual

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VW46L FHDTV20A User Manual

Version 10/20/2008


Important Safety Instructions

This product is designed and manufactured to operate within defined design limits, and misuse
may result in electric shock or fire. To prevent the product from being damaged, the following
rules should be observed for the installation, use and maintenance of the product. Read the
following safety instructions before operating the display. Keep these instructions in a safe place
for future reference.

To reduce the risk of electric shock or component damage, switch off the power before connecting other components to the VW46L

Unplug the power cord before cleaning the VW46L FHDTV20A LCD. A damp cloth is sufficient for cleaning the VW46L FHDTV20A. Do
not use a liquid or a spray cleaner for cleaning the product. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Always use the accessories recommended by the manufacturer to insure compatibility.

When moving the VW46L FHDTV20A from an area of low temperature to an area of high temperature, condensation may form on the
housing. Do not turn on the VW46L FHDTV20A immediately after this to avoid causing fire, electric shock or component damage.

Do not place the VW46L FHDTV20A on an unstable cart, stand, or table. If the VW46L FHDTV20A falls, it can injure a person and
cause serious damage to the appliance. Use only a cart or stand recommended by the manufacturer or sold with the VW46L

A distance of at least 3 feet should be maintained between the VW46L FHDTV20A and any heat source, i.e. radiator, heater, oven,
amplifier etc. Do not install the product close to smoke. Operating the product close to smoke or moisture may cause fire or electric

Slots and openings in the back and bottom of the cabinet are provided for ventilation. To ensure reliable operation of the VW46L
FHDTV20A and to protect it from overheating, be sure these openings are not blocked or covered. Do not place the VW46L FHDTV20A
in a bookcase or cabinet unless proper ventilation is provided.

Never push any object into the slot on the VW46L FHDTV20A cabinet. Do not place any objects on the top of the product. It could short
circuit parts causing a fire or electric shock. Never spill liquids on the VW46L FHDTV20A.

The VW46L FHDTV20A should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the label. If you are not sure of the type of
power supplied to your home, consult your dealer or local power company.

The power cable must be replaced when using different voltage from that specified in the User Manual. For more information, contact
your dealer.

The VW46L FHDTV20A is equipped with a three-pronged grounded plug, a plug with a third (grounding) pin. This plug will fit only
into a grounded power outlet as a safety feature. If your outlet does not accommodate the three-wire
plug, have an electrician install the correct outlet, or use an adapter to ground the appliance safely.

Do not defeat the safety purpose of the grounded plug.

When connected to a power outlet, power is always into your HDTV. To totally disconnect the power,
unplug the power cord.

Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket or table specified by manufacturer, or sold with the
apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/apparatus combination to avoid
injury from tip-over.

The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol , within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the
presence of not isolated dangerous voltage within the inside of the product that may be sufficient magnitude to
constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.

The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to
the presence of important operating and servicing instructions in the literature

accompanying the appliance.

Do not overload power strips and extension cords. Overloading can result in fire or electric shock.

The wall socket shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible.

Only the marked power source can be used for the product. Any power source other than the specified one
may cause fire or electric shock.

Do not touch the power cord during lightning. To avoid electric shock, avoid handling the power cord during electrical storms.

Unplug the unit during a lightning storm or when it will not be used for long period of time. This will protect the VW46L FHDTV20A from
damage due to power surges.

Do not attempt to repair or service the product yourself. Opening or removing the back cover may expose you to high voltages, the risk
of electric shock, and other hazards. If repair is required, please contact your dealer and refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.

Keep the product away from moisture. Do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. If water penetrates into the product, unplug
the power cord and contact your dealer. Continuous use in this case may result in fire or electric shock.

Do not use the product if any abnormality occurs. If any smoke or odor becomes apparent, unplug the power cord and contact your
dealer immediately. Do not try to repair the product yourself.

Avoid using dropped or damaged appliances. If the product is dropped and the housing is damaged, the internal components may
function abnormally. Unplug the power cord immediately and contact your dealer for repair. Continued use of the product may cause
fire or electric shock.

Do not install the product in an area with heavy dust or high humidity. Operating the product in environments with heavy dust or high
humidity may cause fire or electric shock.

Follow instructions for moving the product. Ensure that the power connector and any other cables are unplugged before moving the