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VW46L FHDTV20A User Manual

Version 10/20/2008




Closed Caption (CC)

When watching regular analog (NTSC) TV, the Analog
CC feature is available in the Setup menu.

Press the button to highlight the CC (Closed
Caption) selection.

Press the

button to select CC1, CC2, CC3 or CC4.

Once the adjustments are completed press the LAST
button repeatedly to exit the OSD completely.

Closed Caption for regular TV is usually CC1 or CC2.


Digital Closed Caption Style (Digital CC Style)

When watching DTV, the Digital CC Style feature is available in the Setup menu.

Press the

button to highlight the Digital CC Style selection.

Press the

button to go to the next screen.

Press either or

button to toggle between the two options: Broadcaster and Custom.

If Custom is selected then you will have the control to customize the way Closed Caption will be displayed
by changing these different parameters to your
like: Font Size (letters size), Font Color (letters
color), Font Opacity (transparency of the letters),
Background Color (color of the background area
where Closed Caption is going to be displayed),
Background Opacity (allows to either see
through at the scene being played or it could be a
solid screen), Window Color (it allows you to
change the color to the area where characters will
be displayed on) and finally Window Opacity
(allows the area surrounding characters to be
changed). There are no recommendations of
setting these parameters since you, the user,
would have your own taste or like of them.

Press the LAST key once to return to the previous screen or repeatedly to return to your program if task
has been completed.


H/V Position

Press the button to highlight the H/V Position

Press the button. A separate menu will appear
with the following H/V Position settings

Note: This feature is available when viewing
digital TV.