Weider LCD VW46L User Manual

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VW46L FHDTV20A User Manual

Version 10/20/2008



e. When finished, the Complete screen will be
displayed to inform you that the HDTV has
completed the Initial Setup.

Press the

button on the remote control to exit

and begin watching TV.

5. Select Input Source

Select the Input Source for the HDTV by pressing the INPUT button on
the side of the TV or using the Input button on the remote control. Pressing
this button will cycle you through the following options: TV, AV (S-VIDEO),
Component1, Component2, RGB, HDMI1, HDMI2 and HDMI3.

Now follow the procedure below to display channels from a

different signal (External TV Tuner, VCR, Cable Box or Satellite Receiver)
source, using different inputs at the back of your TV set.

a. Select the correct input connection; RF (DTV/TV) connector, Composite (Yellow, Red and
White) connectors, Component (Red, Green, Blue plus Red and White) connectors, HDMI connectors or
Separate-Video (S-Video) plus Red and White connectors (if applicable). Make the physical connection or
hook up.

b. If you have an HD service you must use the HDMI (best) or Component connection.

Note: Composite (AV) and S-Video Cables can only be used for SD (480i) pictures.

c. Turn on your Cable Box, VCR, External TV Tuner or Satellite Receiver and you will see a

picture on your TV set. If there is no picture, make sure you have selected the correct input on the TV set.

d. If the selected input is RF, you should be aware that the TV set needs to be on either channel

3 or channel 4, matching the channel which has been selected on the back of the VCR, Cable Box,
External TV Tuner or Satellite Receiver. Please refer to Owner’s or User’s Manual of the equipment for