Expert loading directions – Zweita Co Haul Master Tri-Fold Aluminum Ram 90018 User Manual

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Item 90018

Expert Loading Directions

Only for individuals certified by the ASI (ATV Safety Institute)

By using directions in this section, you are agreeing that you are an ASI trained, certified rider

and that you understand that your safety in performing this procedure is

based on your ability to control the vehicle.

1. Have an assistant monitor the Ramp

tongue for slippage on the tailgate.

2. Confirm that the weight of the ATV

and rider combined is still less than

the 1500 lb. capacity of this ramp.

3. While wearing a safety helmet, drive

your ATV onto ramp at less than 1

Mile Per Hour using the lowest gear

possible. Drive up at a slow, steady

speed while leaning forward on the

front pegs to keep proper balance. Try

to avoid bouncing or jerking, because

they will increase stress on the ramp.

WARNING! Be sure the 4-wheeled

ATV is centered on ramp.

4. Once the load is in truck bed,

be sure to set the ATV’s brake &

securely tie down ATV. Remove the

ramp, fold it up and secure it with

the Safety Chains and Hooks.

CAUTION! Contact between the tongue of

the ramp and the tailgate of the vehicle may

result in damage to the vehicle’s body finish.
CAUTION! WHENEVER possible, use

a winch (not included) to load the ATV.

This is the safest way to load an ATV.