Atv loading and unloading – Zweita Co Haul Master Tri-Fold Aluminum Ram 90018 User Manual

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Item 90018

ATV Loading and Unloading

• Do not use this ramp to load

or unload any vehicle that

weighs more than 1500 lb.

• Do not use this ramp to load

or unload any vehicle that

is wider than the ramp.

• Do not use this ramp to load

or unload any vehicle that is

carrying gear on its racks.

• Do not use this ramp if the

tailgate on the vehicle being

loaded or unloaded is higher than

half the ramp’s length (34").

WARNING: Be aware of dynamic loading!

Sudden load movement may briefly create

excess load causing the Ramp to fail.
WARNING! All persons not involved in

the process must stand clear of the Ramp

and truck. Make sure no pets are nearby.

Loading Using a Winch (not included)
1. The winch and mounting/

connection points must all have

appropriate capacity to pull the

ATV up the ramp safely.

2. ATV Mounted Winch Setup: Unwind

cable from the winch and attach it to a

secure mounting location on the truck,

at the same height as the winch will

be after the ATV has been loaded.

3. Truck Mounted Winch Setup:

Attach the cable to the bottom

front part of the frame.

4. While operating the winch, stand

back and to the side of the

ATV, with the vehicle between

you and the winch cable.

5. Operate the winch to slowly load

the ATV onto the vehicle.

Riding an ATV while unloading

is dangerous and should not be attempted.
1. Have an assistant monitor the Ramp

tongue for slippage on the tailgate.

2. Setup the ramp on the truck bed

as explained under operation.

Remove all tie down straps and

securing equipment from the ATV.

WARNING! Be sure the 4-wheel

ATV is centered on ramp.

3. While staying off the ATV, start

the engine, disengage the parking

brake, put the transmission into

reverse, and make sure the wheels

are in a straight line with the ramp.

While holding the brake, position

yourself in front of the ATV.

4. Release the brake and push on the ATV

to get it started down the ramp. Allow

the ATV to roll down naturally, do not

attempt to steer it or apply the brakes.

If it stops while on the ramp, gently

give it throttle to back it off the ramp.