Setup and operation instructions, Setup, Chain adjustment – Zweita Co Haul Master Tri-Fold Aluminum Ram 90018 User Manual

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Item 90018

Setup and Operation Instructions


beginning of this document including all text under subheadings therein

before set up or use of this product.

TO PREVENT SERIOUS INJURY: Make sure the vehicle is turned off and in

gear or park, with the emergency brake engaged and the wheels blocked.
Make sure the Ramp is completely open and the securing chains and hooks are

secured onto the vehicle. Make sure the Ramp is clean and dry before loading.



Safety Chain





Figure A: Components

When folded, the Ramp will be

wrapped in the Safety Chains and

Hooks. Release the hooks and

unfold the Ramp completely.

2. Make sure the tailgate the ramp

will sit on is dry and clean.

3. Sit the Tongues (angled lips) of the

Ramp on the tailgate. Stretch the

Safety Chain on each side of the Ramp

up into the inside of the truck bed.

4. Attach the hook on each Safety

Chain to a secure attachment point

on the inside of the truck bed.

WARNING! Safety chains must be

connected to secure attachment

points able to withstand the pulling

force of loading. They must also be

taut enough to prevent the ramp from

coming off the vehicle being loaded.
5. Pull the loading ramp back until

the chains are tight. If most of the

edge or the entire edge of the ramp

is off of the edge of the vehicle

the chains need to be adjusted or

shorter chains must be used.

Chain Adjustment

1. Remove the bolt and washer that

hold the safety chain to the ramp.

2. Reinsert the bolt through a link that

will shorten the chain so the loading

ramp can not be pulled backwards

more than an inch or two.

3. Make sure that the bolt is properly

tightened and the washer prevents the

bolt from slipping through the chain link.

4. Adjust the other chain to equal length.