Save these instructions – Zweita Co Haul Master Tri-Fold Aluminum Ram 90018 User Manual

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For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.

Item 90018


All persons not involved in the

loading process must stand

clear of the loading ramps. Keep

children away. Children must not

be allowed in the work area.


Check maximum tailgate weight

capacity. Do not exceed tailgate

capacity if less than 1,000 lb.


Avoid working alone. If an accident

happens, an assistant can bring help.


Keep work area clean and well lit.

Cluttered and dark areas invite injuries.


Store idle equipment. When

not in use, store ramps in a

dry location to inhibit rust.


Dress properly. Do not wear loose

clothing or jewelry. Protective clothes

and nonskid footwear are recommended

when working. Wear restrictive hair

covering to contain long hair.


Wear ANSI-approved impact safety

goggles, a safety helmet, and heavy-

duty work gloves when loading,

unloading or handling ramps.

20. Keep proper footing and balance

when loading or unloading.

21. Do not modify this product.

Stay alert. Watch what you are

doing, use common sense. Do not

use any ramp when you are tired.


Check for damaged parts. Before

using any ramp, any part that appears

damaged should be carefully checked

to determine that it will perform its

intended function. Check for any

broken parts or mounting fixtures and

any other condition that may affect

proper operation. Any part that is

damaged should be properly repaired

or replaced by a qualified technician.


Replacement parts and

accessories. When servicing, use

only identical replacement parts.

Use of any other parts will void the

warranty. Only use accessories

intended for use with this ramp.


Do not use ramp if under the

influence of alcohol or drugs. Read

warning labels on prescriptions to

determine if your judgment or reflexes

are impaired while taking drugs. If there

is any doubt, do not use the ramp.

26. The warnings, cautions, and instructions

discussed in this instruction manual

cannot cover all possible conditions

and situations that may occur. It must

be understood by the operator that

common sense and caution are factors

which cannot be built into this product,

but must be supplied by the operator.