Install the device, Note for windows 98 users, Nstall the device – Xterasys Wireless LAN Card User Manual

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Install the device


Note: Make sure the procedures in “Install the Driver & Utility” has
been performed.

1. If you are using the Wireless PCI Card, before installing the

device, make sure the computer is turned off. Remove the
expansion slot cover from the computer. For Wireless CardBus
users, please locate your CardBus slot.

2. Carefully slide the Wireless PCI/CardBus Card into the

PCI/CardBus slot. Push evenly and slowly and ensure it is
properly seated. For Wireless PCI Card, you may have to use the
mounting screw to have the card screwed securely in place.

3. After the device has been connected to your computer, turn on

your computer. Windows will detect the new hardware and then
automatically copy all of the files needed for networking.
Recover your expansion slot cover if you are using the Wireless
PCI Card.

Note for Windows 98 users:

Before installation of the device, make sure you have your operating
system CD-ROM at hand. You may be asked to insert the OS CD-ROM
in order to download specific drivers.


If you are using the Wireless PCI Card, the product descriptions shown on the screen will

differ from the illustrations shown in this document. Please discard the discrepancy and
follow the installation procedures to continue anyway.