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The 802.11g Wireless LAN Card is a device that allows you connect
your computer to a wireless local area network (LAN). A wireless LAN
allows your system to use wireless Radio Frequency (RF) technology to
transmit and receive data without having to physically attach to the
network. The Wireless protocols that come with this product ensure data
security and isolation from interference generated by other radio

This card also allows you to take full advantage of your computer’s
mobility with access to real-time information and online services anytime
and anywhere. In addition, this device eliminates the bother of pulling
cable through walls and under furniture. It even allows you to place your
system in locations where cabling is impossible. Modifying and
augmenting networks has never been so easy.

Wireless Network Options

The Peer-to-Peer Network

This network installation lets you set a small wireless workgroup easily
and quickly. Equipped with wireless PC Cards or wireless PCI, you can
share files and printers between each PC and laptop.


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