In windows 2000/xp, Indows, 2000/xp – Xterasys Wireless LAN Card User Manual

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7. When finished, restart your computer to activate the new device.

8. Once the computer has been rebooted, a Logon window will appear

and will require you to enter a username and password. Enter a
username and password and click OK. Do not click the Cancel
button, or you won’t be able to log onto the network.

9. Double-click


Network Neighborhood icon on the windows

desktop, and you should see the names of the other PCs on the

In Windows 2000/XP

1. (In

Windows 2000)

Go to Start! Settings ! Control Panel ! Network and Dial-up
! Local Area Connection ! Properties.

(In Windows XP)
Go to Start ! Control Panel ! Network Connections ! Wireless
Network Connection Enabled 802.11g Wireless PCI/CardBus PC
! Properties.