Xterasys Wireless LAN Card User Manual

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Fragment Threshold

To fragment MSDU or MMPDU into small sizes of
frames for increasing the reliability of frame (The
maximum value of 4096 means no fragmentation is
needed) transmission. The performance will be
decreased as well, thus a noisy environment is

RTS Threshold

This value should remain at its default setting of
4096. Should you encounter inconsistent data
flow, only minor modifications of this value are


A preamble is a signal used in wireless environment
to synchronize the transmitting timing including
Synchronization and Start frame delimiter. (Note: If
you want to change the Preamble type into Long or
Short, please check the setting of AP.)


The authentication type defines configuration
options for the sharing of wireless networks to
verify identity and access privileges of roaming
wireless network cards.
You may choose between Open System, Shared
, and Auto Switch.
Open System: If the Access Point is using "Open

System" authentication, then the wireless adapter
will need to be set to the same authentication type.

Shared Key: Shared Key is when both the sender

and the recipient share a secret key.

Auto Switch: Select Auto Switch for the adapter to
select the Authentication type automatically
depending on the Access Point Authentication type.

Retry limits

You can set the number of retries if no
acknowledgement appears from the receiving


To set the type of the antenna
Tx Antenna
:Antenna2 (Use the factory default)
RX Antenna:Both (Use the factory default)

802.11g version

This section is enabled only with G-Only