Naxa NM-105 User Manual

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Press Mode to enter Tempo Rate

Push Next to quicken tempo rate and push Last to slow down tempo rate.

Press Mode button to confirm desired tempo rate to exit the current interface.
Note: Tempo Rate set is suitable to each music files till it is changed.
Replay Mode

Enter Play Submenu to enter.

A-B Replay

At Music Mode or Voice Mode

Press Mode to enter Play Submenu.

Push Next to select “Replay”.

Press Mode to enter Replay.

“A” flickers in Replay Mode icon

and start point is to be set.

Push Next to set “A”.

After “A” set, “B” flickers in icon , and endpoint B needs to be set.

Push Next to set “B”.

Replay icon is fixed and A-B segment replay begins. When replay times count up to times set in advance, the
player will quit from Replay Mode. At Replay Mode, pushing Last can set “A” again to select another segment.
(Setting of replay times refers to “Replay Times” in the next section.
At Replay Mode, Press VOL+/VOL- may set Tempo Rate directly.