Naxa NM-105 User Manual

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Page 6

Push Next switch to select recording mode.

Press Mode button to enter Record mode.

Press Play button to start recording.

Press Play button to pause recording .( the time icon flickers)
Press Play button to continue recording .
Long press Play button to stop recording .

The recorded file is saved in the current folder set in “Recording Stop submenu/ /Local Folder”


If “Overflow” is displayed on the LCD, the player’s memory is full. Please delete other files to make some space
If “over record” is displayed on the LCD, the current directory has already had 99 recording files. Please switch to
another directory.

Select Recording Type
On the status of Stop Recording

Press Mode to enter Record Submenu.

Push Next to select REC Type option

Press Mode to enter this option
Push Next to select desired recording type

Press Mode to confirm the type selected

Press Play to start recording

Note: Voice control record means is the Player can automatically pause when no sound

Play Recorded Files
Enter main menu.

Push Model to select “Voice mode”.

Press Mode to enter Voice mode interface.