Using fm radio, System setting – Naxa NM-105 User Manual

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Press Play to start playing.
Select recorded files:
Push Mode: to select the previous recorded file
Push Next Mode: to select the next recorded file

Control Volume:
VOL+: to increase volume
VOL-: to decrease volume

Using FM radio

1. Entry main menu;

2. Push Next scrolling “FM Mode”
3. Push Mode to entry

System Setting

System parameters can be set here and every option varies according to firmware upgrading

Enter main menu ,push Next button to select System setting icon, and then press Mode button to enter System

Setting submenu interface is as follows:

Parameters Introduction

(Record time)

Set the time and date when recorded files are saved


set the period of time (sec.) when Backlight stays on without any operation


set different languages displayed

(Power off)

set a fixed time after which the player may turn power off automatically

(Replay mode)

set working status on Replay Mode


set contrast level of LCD window

(Back color)

Set different back color.

(Online Mode)

an option specially designed for “Private Space” function

(Memory info.)

show memory capacity and percentage that has been used

(Firmware version) show firmware version

Firmware upgrade) special for firmware upgrading


exit from current interface


○ “System Time”

System Setting Interface