Usb disk – Naxa NM-105 User Manual

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Power Off

Operating steps refer to Language setting.

Off Time mode refers that after a fixed period of time (unit: second) when no operation on keys at
Stop mode, the player may turns off automatically to save power. If “0” is selected, power saving function is invalid.
Sleep Timer refers that you may set a fixed period of time (unit: minute) for the player to turn off
automatically when no keys operation no matter which mode it is at. This function is specially designed for listening
to music before sleep. Note: Setting of Sleep Timer is valid only once and the set time will be cleared after power

The time needs to be set again next time.

Replay Mode

Operating steps refer to Equalizer Setting

Manual Replay means that at A-B Replay Mode the endpoint B can be set manually only.

Auto Replay means that at A-B Replay Mode the endpoint B can be set automatically. (Especially for English
Reading files without music)


Operating steps refers to Backlight setting.

Online Mode

Operating steps refers to Equalizer setting.
Some operating systems (under Windows 2K SP4) can not support two

driver letters

in one USB disk. Thus, if

“Private Space” function is on, choose which disk you are going to use, i.e., “single ordinary disk” or “single
encrypted disk”, in order for correct display of selected disk after connecting to PC.

Memory Info.

The number displayed represents total memory capacity and the percentage refers the capacity used.

Firmware Version

Operating steps refers to Language setting..

Firmware Upgrade

It is specially designed for Firmware Upgrade.

Tips: After pressing Mode button to select options, you may press Play button to exit from menu directly. The
operation on Play button for direct exit is valid to all menus.

USB Disk

The player can use as USB disk with operating system of Windows98 (driver needed), Windows 2K and above
(driver free), Mac OS 10.3 and above, Linux Redhat 8.0 and above.
The player also supports Suspend Mode.

How to connect to PC? Plug the player to enter the following Mode 1.

The player may display three modes after connecting to PC:
Standby State